Client Success Stories

These are just a few of the many testimonials that we have in our office. We hope you have a chance to look through them sometime. They will educate you and inspire you to make a change in your life.

  • And so I’ve been to about 24 Chiropractic sessions at Total Health Chiropractic and I’m really really impressed and in awe of my progression!

    So I first visited the clinic without any expectations, as it’s really quite a new thing for me but I was desperate because my lower back pain has resulted me in torturous sleepless nights. I’ve went to many different sensehs and Doctors but none could actually solve my issue. So honestly, chiropractic seems to be my last resort.

    To my surprise, the root to my problem is not my lower back but it’s my neck! What?! I wasn’t very convinced since I’ve been having lower back pain for the longest time! But after taking a full spinal X-ray scan, i was shown the results and yes, I finally saw the light at the end of the tunnel haha!

    So now, after 24 sessions, I can confidently say that I’ve experienced ZERO lower back pain now! It’s almost like a miracle, really! And to add a cherry on top of the cake, my friends actually noticed that I’m no longer walking in a ‘turn-in’ manner!!!

    For those who know me I’ve always been walking with my knees/ankles turned in and that actually made me trip over myself many a times lol. This problem has been with me since primary school after an ankle injury so I’ve actually grown so used to it that it doesn’t affect me much. I got teased a lot though especially in my secondary school days but oh well, I’ve accepted my fate haha.

    So at the age of 3x ?, I’ve actually have this issue resolved. ?????I really cannot believe that it!! It’s not an exaggeration at all but Chiropractic really save my life!

    To make things even better, the clinic that I go to is like the coolest clinic I can imagine lol. They actually play my favourite Bobby Brown songs whenever I’m there! ???The Doctors are really cool too as we always talk about dance and old school hiphop music ????. Staff there are Super friendly as well and that makes me look forward to my session there every time!

    Anyway I’m not their ambassador hahaha I’m really just sharing my personal experience since good things must share right? Haha


    Winnie Chan

  • Chiropractic health is amazing- especially when you’ve been helped by Dr Tim! He is truly dedicated to his craft. I was amazed at how my neckaches and headaches were significantly reduced in intensity after just ONE consultation with Dr Tim… Furthermore, his passionate education on the importance of chiropractic health is truly inspiring. I would highly recommend anyone to pay Dr Tim and his great team a visit- especially if you have been suffering from headaches, poor posture, or have been sitting for prolonged periods at your workstation!


    Christel Quek


  • Since joining Total Health Chiropractic for my lower back pain, in just one month it has reduced so much. It was a wonderful feeling that Dr Tim Errington told me the root cause of my condition after showing my X-ray. I had never known that it was so bad. I am now more mobile, I am able to walk longer distances without pain, better sleep and improved my body alignment and flexibility. Thanks Dr Tim Errington for having his expertise in helping me overcome my problem.


    Joseph Lim


  • I have been attending Total Health Chiropractic for the last one year and the care that I have received has been amazing. Not only my health has dramatically improved, I also feel the team really cares about my health. They are all so friendly. Thank you so much:)


    Liana Olivera


  • Myself and my wife have been chiropractic clients of Dr Tim Errington for many years and we have referred many of our own patients to him for spinal correction. We have only received positive feedback. I am delighted to provide him with an excellent business and personal reference as he is a hard-working, honest and highly proficient chiropractor who has created a successful, energetic clinic and built up a strong client base based on the provision of excellent patient care.


    Dr Raymond Hilu

    Registered Medical Doctor and Surgeon