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Showcasing Our Lead Chiropractic Assistants!

5 Stars for our Team of Chiropractic Assistants

It is our pleasure to showcase the Lead Chiropractic Assistants in our clinics

These hugely valuable employees play a crucial role in supporting all the Chiropractors, managing their clinic operations and ensuring a positive patient experience. Their role requires them to have a combination of administrative skills, clinical knowledge and leadership abilities to effectively manage both the client care aspect and the overall functioning of our chiropractic clinics.

Whilst managing the front desk and appointments, they also need to ensure that their Chiropractic Assistants are trained with our procedures, client interaction protocols and treatments processes. They help ensure a welcoming and approachable atmosphere to contribute to a positive experience for all our clients.

All of our Chiropractors would admit that none of our 4 clinics would run as efficiently and successfully as they do without these amazing 5 individuals we have in our chiropractic family.

These 5 Lead CA's have 36 years of working at Total Health Chiropractic between them!

Nicole Lead Chiropractic Assistant CBD

Nicole (CBD Clinic)

Google 5 Star Review for Team and Chiropractic Assistant Nicole at CBD clinic

Hello everybody! I am Nicole from our CBD outlet. I have been in this company for 8 years and have enjoyed every moment being here. I am one of the Lead CA’s here and you will normally be able to find me at our clinic’s front desk catering to your every need.

A little bit about myself:

When I am not at work, I enjoy baking and cooking for my family. I especially love baking bread and sweet pastries !

Being in the healthcare sector, I strongly believe in building good physical health. Hence, I also love cycling and jogging whenever I can to maintain my fitness levels.

Felicia Lead Chiropractic Assistant CBD

Felicia (CBD Clinic)

Google Review for Felicia and team at CBD Clinic

Hi - I am Felicia, one of the Lead CAs in the CBD branch. I have worked with Total Health Chiropractic for 7 years. I love the working environment here and the fantastic team. During my free time, I like to cycle around my neighbourhood, practice yoga and also outdoor running to keep physically healthy and fit.

In addition, I have attended a few courses to improve myself in order to help more people enjoy an optimal lifestyle - Yoga practice, Singing Bowl treatment and Access Bars therapy - as I know physical and mental health is very important for each of us.

Jos lead chiropractic assistant at Tampines Clinic

Jos (Tampines Clinic)

Google Review Best Chiropractor

Hi everyone! I'm Jos, Lead CA of Tampines branch. I've been in this company for 11 years and I love being in this passionate team. You will see me at the front desk welcoming you, providing help and advice to you.

A little bit about myself: When I am not at work, I love to play and bond with my baby. I enjoy listening to podcasts and reading books to learn new things, generate ideas and gain valuable insights. Being in the healthcare sector, I believe that health is the foundation of everything in your life. A healthy body paves the way for a healthy mind and when the mind is at peace, a lot can be achieved.

Lead chiropractic assistant at Toa Payoh

Lai Yan Ling (Toa Payoh Clinic)

Google Review Toa Payoh Chiropractic Assistant

Hi, my name is Lai Yan Ling. I have been working in Total Health Chiropractic for the past 4 years. I’ve had the pleasure of working in CBD clinic first and now I am the Lead CA in Toa Payoh Clinic.

I am very passionate to serve all clients and it gives me utmost joy to see them improving drastically in their health conditions. I have had the pleasure to witness so many changes and seeing people moving from sickness to health and wellness through chiropractic care.

During my free time I enjoy baking, and every week I try a new recipe. I am a specialist in making traditional foods.

Jolene Chiropractic Assistant Clementi

Jolene (Clementi Clinic)

Google Review Clementi Clinic

Hi, my name is Jolene. I’ve been working as a Lead CA with my lovely fellow CA and intern in our Clementi clinic for 6 years and I really love working here. It’s an amazing job that allows me to do what I love most - witnessing patients' seeing improvements and gradually achieving their optimal health through our chiropractic care!

In my free time, I enjoy spending time with my family and friends and doing things that make me happy. One of those things is exploring nice food and I love watching dramas when I'm alone.

I’m looking forward to getting to know you all! Thank you for the support ❤️


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