Stand Tall to Live Independently

It is gradually becoming crystal clear that if you want to have a long and productive life you must watch your posture.

Group standing tall to live independently

Don’t become a burden – Look after your posture!

We’ve been saying it for years but unfortunately, the problem is not going away. If anything, it is worsening. In a country where the government is worried about its aging population, the ‘computer posture’ we see everywhere is stripping this nation of its vitality.

silhouette man computing with poor posture

Here at Total Health Chiropractic, we have the knowledge, understanding, drive and passion to make a huge difference here. If you think that you or a family member is starting to stoop, act quickly to resolve this as there is nothing more wasteful and sad than lost potential.

The Study

“Spinal Posture in the Sagittal Plane Is Associated With Future Dependence in Activities of Daily Living: A Community-Based Cohort Study of Older Adults in Japan.”

Yuji Nishiwaki, from Toho University (Japan), and colleagues assessed spinal posture in 338 men and 466 women, ages 65 to 94 years, who were independent in activities of daily living (ADL; tasks such as bathing, feeding, dressing, etc.), at the study’s start.

During the 4.5-year follow-up period, 126 (15.7 percent) participants became dependent in ADL. The team found that those subjects with the greatest angle of spinal inclination—the angle between the true vertical and straight line from the first thoracic vertebra (near the head) to the first sacral vertebra (in the lower spine)—were about three and a half times more likely to become dependent on help for basic daily activities, as compared to those with the least spinal inclination.

The study authors submit: “This study indicates that spinal inclination is associated with future dependence in [activities of daily living] among older adults.”