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  • Dr. Dino Buosciolo

The time to correct your child’s spine is ASAP!

Updated: Aug 15, 2023


If you want your child to grow up healthily, a balanced spine is critical. The evidence is overwhelming that posture is as important as nutrition and exercise and in many ways far more important. If you choose to ignore it then the consequences can be very serious indeed! Here in Singapore, we see worsening postures everywhere.

Group of school kids

Shockingly, we are seeing spinal degeneration (yes arthritis), headaches, depressed immune response and numerous other spine-related conditions in teenagers. This is too important to sweep under the carpet because the very future of your loved ones is at stake.

Why is the Spine so Important?

Just in case you never thought about it, your spine and that of your child is an incredibly highly evolved piece of engineering.

Its importance should never be underestimated, as it forms the central axis of life, providing strength and the ability to stand tall. It allows us to move and perform life’s tasks when asked upon, and vitally it encases and protects that part of the central nervous system that is our spinal cord.

Of course, our nerves control all the functions of the body and it is our incredible nervous system that sets us apart from the beasts of the field. All our trillions of cells, all our organs, and tissues, all the things we must accomplish in life, our very potential, rely on our fully functioning nervous system. Guard it well!

What is the Main Problem?

Well, the nerves are very delicate, and if they are pinched, stretched or twisted by poor posture, then they don’t function so well. Think about it. I can confidently say that you have never seen a person with poor posture with vibrant, bouncing, health. It just doesn’t happen.

All that sitting, slouching, computer use, weight gain, those repetitive use injuries all-cause real damage and eventually serious consequences must result.

Normal developing spines with correct movement and distribution of weight (ie well-balanced spines) are not subjected to these abnormal, damaging forces. They are more structurally sound, have better functionality, and are less likely to become dysfunctional and cause pain.

Obviously, the spine grows rapidly throughout the early years of life and during the rapid growth spurts, it is vital the spine has the correct shape and function. Any injuries or distortions should be looked at seriously and corrected quickly before lasting damage results.

We see it every day – minor postural changes can suddenly become major distortions and deformities. The “keep an eye on it” approach suggested by many doctors, is absolutely incorrect and can have devastating results. We have the evidence.

Postural problems don’t go away…they worsen!

Unfortunately, many people don’t seek care until their posture is very poor and the resultant degeneration is causing health issues. Even then, very often the doctors they consult fail to take into account the importance of posture and structural balance.

They forget that unbreakable laws of the universe (see below) dictate that bone and soft tissue adapt to physical and mechanical stress and will completely remodel themselves to these abnormal forces. This remodeling leads to dangerous bone spurs growing, thinning and ultimately failing discs, and the gradual loss of strength, balance, and function, brings on disability and pain.

This is why you must realize that you have to be proactive throughout your life, to ensure that you don’t develop these terrible spinal problems. Unfortunately, most people get it wrong and lose decades to pain and suffering.

We can help you to correct this problem

We can nearly always help you improve your spine, your posture, and your future health. Worsening pain doesn’t have to be your life. We at Total Health Chiropractic have enormous experience in correcting these types of spines and we already have thousands of grateful clients who we have helped get back on the right track.

We know you have a choice when you choose the team to help you and we pride ourselves on providing the best possible service, whilst explaining everything thoroughly and giving the right exercises such that you can stay fixed.

Perhaps the fastest-growing spinal correction center in Singapore, Total Health Chiropractic has hand-picked talented and extremely proficient doctors and therapists and has the tools and the expertise to help you make your correction effectively, quickly and safely.

We strongly recommend that if you suspect that you have a postural or spinal problem developing, you contact us today and we can make a difference before things take a turn for the worse.

A little more about Wolff’s and Davis’ Laws

“You can ignore these laws, pretend they don’t exist, or bury your head deeply in the sand, but it doesn’t stop these laws from being laws. This IS how things work and a far better approach would be to work with them.” – Tim Errington, Chiropractor

These laws of the universe, accepted throughout the scientific and medical communities, state that bone and soft tissues are constantly in a state of change or flux, and will remodel according to stresses upon them! When our structure is balanced, having good alignment, and is functioning correctly then this remodeling leads to strong, functional tissues and there is little degeneration.

However, if we develop poor posture or there are structural misalignments, then this remodeling changes the shape of the vertebrae (or other bones) and the make-up of the surrounding connective tissue. Bone spurs grow, discs degenerate, and will eventually fail. This is the process of osteoarthritis, or wear and tear degeneration. Nerves eventually become affected and further loss of health follows.

As the distortions cause tight muscles and stiffening, they lose their elasticity and become more and more fibrotic (think about those tight shoulders). Gradually we lose more and more function, balance, and movement, and the dreaded aging process accelerates.

Yes, your body is a construction site and you simply must be proactive to ensure that the body you are creating is one that you will enjoy living in.

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