What Is Poor Posture Doing For Your Health ?

Young woman with position defect and ideal bearing

Posture ranks right up at the top of the list when you are talking about good health. In fact, never did you see vibrant health and poor posture live in the same body. This is, without question, as important as eating right, exercising, getting proper rest and avoiding potentially harmful substances like alcohol, drugs, and tobacco.

Good posture is a way of doing things efficiently, with more energy, less stress and fatigue. If you have poor posture, it is not possible to be as fit as you could be. In fact, you are less likely to exercise as it is harder work. There is much wasted potential.You can also cause damage to your spine when you exercise.

How do you put yourself in good posture?

Our bones should be stacked up one upon the other. The heavy 5Kg head must rest directly over the shoulder balancing on top of the spine. This should sit directly over the pelvis, which sits directly over the knees and ankles.

Unfortunately today, if you spend hours every day hunched forward at a computer for example, or you work standing, leaning forward at a work station, the muscles of your neck and back must now carry all the weight of the body hour after hour, day after day, rather than it being in balance, supported by the spine. The resulting tension and joint pressure causes shoulder, neck and back pain and very often leads to tension headaches. Unfortunately this type of stress can also lead to a short attention span, and depression. Posture Good & Bad

Poor posture distorts the alignment of bones, causing chronic muscle tightness, and will eventually lead to reduced vital lung capacity, increased fatigue, reduced blood and oxygen to the brain, limited range of motion, stiffness of joints, and various pain syndromes. With all this comes reduced mental alertness, and decreased productivity at work. And, all because of a lack of awareness and/or laziness. According to the Nobel Laureate Dr. Roger Sperry: