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  • Dr. Dino Buosciolo

Why we recommend programs of chiropractic care

Updated: Aug 16, 2023

Health is not an event but a journey! I think it’s fair to say that most of our clients come to our office because of some kind of pain. This was their body telling them that there was something wrong. They were on the wrong track and damage was being caused.

Program of Chiropractic Care

We all know that if you stay on the wrong track for long enough you will end up somewhere you’d rather not be. If you are on the wrong track in the case of your health, you will lose your health and suffer all the problems that accompany that.

Don’t join the aging population with degenerative conditions

road to health

Here in Singapore they are building more and more hospitals to cope with an aging population riddled with degenerative conditions. Soon it will be us. If we are never shown how to live a truly healthy life and avoid all these terrible degenerative conditions, we will join the statistics. 

Placing our elderly and our infirm in hospitals – is this really effective health care or are we just taking care of the sick?

Unfortunately most people suffer a gradual de-conditioning of the spine and this inevitably ends up with some kind of failure. The pain and loss of function that goes with this is unfortunate. In this quick-fix society people reach for their medications to get them back on the job.

The actual cause of the health problem needs to be addressed

Unfortunately, if the actual cause of the problem is not addressed then the de-conditioning will inevitably worsen and the symptoms will return worse than ever as you travel further down the path that is loss of health.

Of course, a massage or some meds may take the pain away for a while but for sure it’s coming back worse than ever. Eventually there is structural failure and your life can be ruined. Surgery? That’s a quick fix isn’t it? Well actually no, it costs many thousands of dollars, the long term success rate is poor, and the actual cause of the problem is not addressed so de-conditioning continues.

We must get you out of pain first

road to health

Gradually our posture improves and this really turns back the clock. This state is truly worth maintaining throughout your life so at Total Health Chiropractic we show you how to do just that. We have now added years to your life and certainly life to your years.

Choosing the right path through life

We all get to choose our path through life. What we do each day becomes us. We can have unhealthy habits or we can adopt a healthy lifestyle. I passionately believe that your health, and that of your family, should be one of your main interests. In fact it should be your hobby. It will certainly be one of the best investments for the future you will ever make.

Our bodies are breaking down and replacing themselves all the time. Nature never stands still and we are always either moving towards health and vitality or towards disease and death. This is a balance that is happening inside us all the time. Ask yourself : “Are you healthier than you were this time last year?”

Our care programs

Our programs are designed to address all these issues. At the beginning of care we need to evoke change to allow the pain to go away. That is why we may need a period of intensive care. This can be anything from two to three adjustments a week until the pain is reduced by about 50%. It usually doesn’t take long. We can then reduce the intensity down for a period to maintain the momentum of change. This is where we start to get real LIFE ENHANCING CHANGES that will improve your entire life if you ‘stay on track’. Gradually you move to a higher level of health, often one you never imagined possible.

Once we are delighted with this result, we usually encourage our clients to attend once a week for a reasonable period to consolidate and ensure we don’t slip backwards. Those that embrace their recommended program see amazing results almost every time. 

Depending on the individual case, we then encourage people to sustain their healthy lifestyle, do the simple exercises we prescribe and receive their chiropractic adjustments perhaps twice a month depending on the chronicity and severity of the original problem.

Our programs have been developed over years in clinical practice and by incorporating beneficial changes to diet and exercise we have improved the lives of thousands. Indeed we called ourselves Total Health in recognition that all the pillars of health must be addressed.

Remember: Life is a journey and we choose the path we travel. We either live a glorious life or we follow the masses. Here there is no safety in numbers, we can clearly see that. My advice – Be proactive, take control and live a better life.

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