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  • Dr. Dino Buosciolo

Why You Should Drink Lemon Water in the Morning

Updated: Aug 15, 2023

Starting off your day with warm lemon water is thought to have a ton of health benefits – and it’s been an Ayurvedic practice for hundreds of years. Read on to learn about the amazing health benefits of drinking lemon water, and especially first thing in the morning.

Glass of water with ice, mint and lime

1) Aids in Digestion

Not only does the warm water help to stimulate the GI tract, but the lemons are believed to stimulate and purify the liver. It also helps digestive acids with digestion and elimination.

2) Supports Immune Function

Citrus fruits like lemon are high in vitamin C and ascorbic acid. Vitamin C can help fight colds and the ascorbic acid helps iron absorption, which also plays a role in immune function.

3) Alkalizes the Body

If your body is in a chronic pH imbalance, it is susceptible to disease. Even though lemons do seem to be very acidic, they are actually extremely alkalizing to your internal environment and a great way to ensure your pH balance is where it should be, especially if your diet is heavy in meat, cheese and/or alcohol.

4) Helps Detox

Lemon water is a natural diuretic, which means it helps your body flush out liquids and toxins along with itself. The citric acid can also help maximize certain enzymes which stimulate the liver.

5) It’s an Energizer

Though many of us wouldn’t want to give up our morning coffee, many people swear they can reduce intake drastically or even cut it right out easily after a few days of taking lemon water. The combination of water and lemon helps to hydrate and oxygenate the blood, leaving you feeling great.

6) Keeps skin Beautiful

Chronic dehydration can leave the skin looking dull, so start your day on the right foot with lemon water. Vitamin C plays a critical role in maintaining healthy skin and the antioxidants can combat aging factors.

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