How Chiropractic Can Help Your  Pregnancy

Pregnant ladies can give their children the best start in life by having prenatal chiropractic check-ups. Exercise, a healthy diet, and a chiropractic lifestyle will help prepare for a healthy, happy baby. Research has also shown that deliveries can be faster and more comfortable with chiropractic care. Your pregnancy may be a much more enjoyable experience with chiropractic care.


Approximately half of all expectant mothers will develop low back pain at some point during their pregnancy – especially later on when the baby’s head presses down on a woman’s back, legs and bottom, irritating her sciatic nerve. 


Many pregnant women find that chiropractic adjustments provide relief from increased low back pain. The adjustments are very safe for mother and baby and can be especially attractive when trying to avoid medications to relieve the pain. 

Dr. Errington adjusted his wife, Vanessa, right up to the last week of her twin pregnancy. Vanessa enjoyed a very comfortable pregnancy and chiropractic played a huge part in ensuring that. If you are pregnant and want to enjoy all the benefits of receiving chiropractic care during your pregnancy to alleviate discomfort and ensure a smooth birth process, call now to schedule an appointment. Alternatively, you may like a free consult with the doctor.


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by Dr. Tim Errington

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“I want to thank the chiropractors at Total Health Chiropractic so much; they have helped enormously with the recent birth of my baby daughter - she arrived right on her due date and thanks to Chiropractic, we had both a fast and easy time. My first pregnancy was terrible and I really suffered at the end. This time, with gentle adjustments and little exercises, it has been completely different. What they do makes complete sense to me and my body has felt so much better throughout.” 

—  Clelia G-E