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Avocados – a superfood?

Updated: Aug 15, 2023

Did you know that many nutritionists have described the avocado as the world’s most perfect food? Few people seem to be aware of just how good avocados are. It appears that many avoid them as they are seen to be calorie-dense and therefore, ‘fattening.’


Well, in my home we love Avocados and try and incorporate them into our meals as often as possible. We would love you to enjoy these fantastic fruits as well.

Avocados are indeed exceptional fruits with loads of amazing nutritional benefits.  Avocados are a great source of glutathione, which is a potent antioxidant. Glutathione cleanses and protects your body by destroying free-radicals and helping to remove heavy metals. 

Furthermore, Glutathione helps maintain a healthy immune system. We also especially love the fact that Avocados slow the aging process being rich in folate, which reduces heart disease and strokes. They are also the best fruit source of Vitamin E, protecting against many diseases, and helping maintain overall health.

The avocados fantastic Stats


If you eat one half of avocado per day (average size) (average size) per day, then this correlates to much higher levels of essential nutrients. A study showed that these people receive 36% more dietary fiber, 23% more vitamin E, 13% more magnesium, 16% more potassium, and 48% more vitamin K than non-consumers.

These avocado lovers also have much higher intakes of “good” fats than non-consumers while their average caloric intake of both groups is the same. Subsequently, these people benefit from lower body mass index (BMI) values, and they even have smaller waist measurements (average of 4 cm less)! Another advantage is that avocado consumers have been shown to have higher HDL (“good”) cholesterol levels. Today, the study found that avocado consumers reduced their chances of developing metabolic syndrome by 50%.

Avocados in Salad

So why not enjoy avocado on a sandwich, in a salad, or perhaps blended into a smoothie? Make them part of your healthy lifestyle and enjoy them without feeling guilty.

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