Benefits of exercise

The benefits of undertaking moderate, consistent exercise have been well documented over the years. At Total Health Chiropractic, we encourage everyone to find activities that work for them, to embrace it and make it part of their lives. Life WILL BE BETTER by taking advantage of the benefits of exercise!

Heart exercise

Remind ourselves why exercise benefits us

Women Exercising

Exercise expands the vascular system opening the capillaries in the muscle tissue. It helps by lowering the resistance to blood flow in the arterial system, prevents hypertension and causes the blood pressure to drop to normal.

Benefits of Exercise

  1. Exercise builds muscle mass and prevents the muscles from being broken down as fuel.

Muscle Map
  1. Exercise stimulates the activity of fat-burning enzymes to produce sufficient energy for increased muscle activity. When training you are changing the source of energy for muscle activity. You convert the energy source from sugar in circulation to the fat stored in the muscle.

  1. An hour of walking will cause this activation of fat-burning enzymes to remain active for 12 hours. A morning and afternoon walk will keep these enzymes active round the clock. The walk will also cause clearance of cholesterol deposits in the arterial system.