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Incidental Exercise: Your Commute Can Be Your Gym

Updated: Jan 25

a chiropractic guide to exercise and reducing pain
Your Stairway to Better Health - TOTAL HEALTH Chiropractic

Whether you utilise public transportation or drive your car, below are a few suggestions for turning your daily commute into a calorie-burning, cardio-building, time-saving workout. Yes, as we well know in Singapore, saving commute time means more time with family, more time with friends and more time doing the things we prefer to do.

Stairway to Health: Take Stairs in the MRT to Add 100-200 Steps Per Day

Imagine your daily commute transformed into a moderately strenuous fitness routine? Singaporeans, always industrious and efficient, often choose the stairs over escalators, turning a mundane climb into a calorie-burning workout. This simple choice not only avoids the close-quarters elbow-rubbing with fellow commuters but also adds those crucial extra steps to the day. It's a smart move for the body, akin to substituting rice for a vegetable – a small decision with significant health benefits. Especially when added up over a month, a year and a lifetime.

Save Yourself the Frustration of Driving Laps Around the Carpark and Take the Spot In the Back

Now, consider the typical scenario in a car park. Many drivers aimlessly search for the closest spot to the entrance. However, as a chiropractor, I recommend parking further away. This 'Car Park Cardio' as we call it in America, is an easy way to incorporate more walking into your day. It's like choosing to take the long route on a walk – a bit more effort for a much healthier heart.

I'll tell you another story about the relentless dedication Americans have to their automobiles. This defies all logic. American will also drive circles around the parking lot of their gym. Thus saving them... steps!!?? It certainly doesn't save them time.

Elevators vs. Stairs: HIGH-ly Effective Strategy to Burn More Calories

High-rise living is the norm in Singapore, but every elevator ride is a missed opportunity for fitness. Taking the stairs can be a mini workout, benefiting your legs and cardiovascular health. Going up the stairs is an obvious workout, but going down the stairs is a workout as well that utilizes a completely different set of muscles. It's a choice that says, "I care about my well-being," much like opting for regular spinal check-ups, right? You only have one spine. You should take care of it.

Sit with Dignity - While Strengthening Your Core

How many hours a day do you spend sitting at your desk? The good news about Singapore is that its corporate culture is very well-educated and proactive in regard to proper workplace ergonomics. Many office have converted to standing workstations which forces you into a better posture than sitting.

Office ergonomics are critical to alleviating back pain and neck pain
Sit like a champion - Your spine will be grateful

If you're office is a bit behind the times and you still find yourself sitting, there is still a way you can transform your office recliner into a very formative core workout. Simply replace your desk chair with a large Swiss ball - some call it an exercise ball. The round unstable ball forces you to activate your core for the duration of your sit. Give it a try. You'll find your abs burning well before your lunch cravings begin.

Learn from America's Drive-Through Culture

The U.S. is a cautionary tale of how a car-dependent lifestyle can lead to health issues, especially obesity. The correlation between time spent in a car and weight gain is real. Studies have been done that indicate that the more time spent in the car, the higher the incidence of obesity and cardiovascular disease. This is an obvious health risk worth steering clear of, right? It's similar to how prolonged sitting can lead to back issues – something we can all understand and avoid.

The cars that Americans utilise to take the load of their transpirational needs could be compared to the escalators and lifts of Singapore. Each should be viewed as an opportunity to add more physicality to your average day.

A Healthier Path: Simple Steps, Big Results

Incorporating walking into everyday life is like integrating good posture into daily habits – it's essential for long-term health. Every step taken is a step towards wellness, and as a chiropractor, I encourage embracing these opportunities for motion and movement. It's not just about the calories; it's about setting a pace for a healthier life, stride by stride, step by step.

So next time you find yourself face to bum on the escalator, step to the side, lift those feet and charge onwards and upward. The results won't be felt on a daily basis, but over years and decades, the results will be life-extending.

Summary - 3 Ways Chiropractic Exercise Can Improve Your Health and Wellness

  1. Take the stairs - This simple step can add needed cardio while saving you time.

  2. Park in the back - Also a way to increase your cardio and save you time.

  3. Sit on an exercise ball - This will improve posture and provide you with a core workout at the same time.

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