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  • Dr. Dino Buosciolo

Posture & Corrective Chiropractic Care

Updated: Aug 16, 2023

A balanced spine and posture is a beautiful thing. If you have developed Forward Head Posture (FHP) then unfortunately there is a very high probability that you have not only lost your natural neck curve, but you have actually developed a reversed cervical or neck curve. This can lead to terrible health consequences, so we encourage you to read on as the following information is of vital importance.

Man with perfect spine

Our spines serve 2 main functions:

1: To support and keep us upright – we call this POSTURE

2: To protect our spinal cord – vital part of our Central Nervous System

For our spine to perform these tasks effectively, it must have 3 curves. One in the neck, one in the mid back and one in the low back. This way, our spine is more efficient gravity-wise, so we do not suffer from bodily aches and pains. Not only that, when our structure is correct, our nervous system is at ease, able to do what it is supposed to do, allowing us to function at an optimum level.

What Happens with a Reversed Neck Curve?

Now, if in your case, you have lost any of these curves in your spine, this will inevitably lead to structural weakness, instability and spinal degeneration. Unfortunately, when you lose your good curves, you tend to start developing bad curves. This all leads to worsening posture, muscular pain, and more spinal misalignment, gradually putting more and more unnecessary stress on your spinal cord, brainstem and the delicate nerves that run from the brain to the rest of the body.

Nerve interference translates to diminished nerve energy reaching the vital organs, creating dysfunction and eventually disease throughout the body. This is why poor posture and especially forward head carriage will always have detrimental effects on your overall health.

Forward Head Posture Wrecks Your Health

Most people have never considered it, but as your head shifts forward, a number physiological processes happen within. The weight of our head, which averages about 5kg when in proper alignment, suddenly doubles or triples.

head forward posture causes more pressure on spine example

This kind of leveraged force on the spine is unsustainable long term. It results in our discs degenerating, the joints in our neck wearing out, the formation of scar tissue and the muscles in our shoulders tensing up. If you are starting to feel symptoms, or if you have a loss of neck curve or worse still a reversed neck curve diagnosed, you simply must take the necessary steps to re-establish balance. Start making healthy changes today. If not the damage WILL progress, until one day your pain is here to stay and your health is but a memory. There could be decades of degeneration and failing health coming your way. Why subject yourself to such regrets.

There is a simple solution

Simply changing your lifestyle and postural habits is not enough to bring your spine back into healthy alignment. Neither will it reverse the degenerative process in your body. NO matter how many times you remind yourself to sit up straight, get a massage or visit a chiropractor, the shape of your spine will not correct itself without the right specialist focus and attention.

The ONLY way to realign the spine, correct your posture and unleash the healing power of unencumbered nerve flow is through specialist, focussed, corrective chiropractic care.

Summary of detrimental effects of Forward Head Posture

  1. Loss of structural balance.

  2. Increased rate of spinal degeneration.

  3. Diminished blood supply to tissues.

  4. Tension to Spinal Cord and Brain-stem.

  5. Nerve root impingement.

  6. Thinning spinal discs – high chance of prolapse (slipped disc).

  7. Formation of bone spurs.

  8. Spinal Stenosis.

  9. Headaches.

  10. Neck and shoulder pain.

  11. Stiffness, restricted motion and muscle pain.

  12. Spinal buckling.

  13. Loss of height.

  14. Restricted breathing, digestive disorders, impaired immune system etc.

  15. Postural distortion leading to Low Back Pain.

  16. Premature ageing with loss of vitality.


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