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What do we learn from our pain?

Updated: Aug 16, 2023

That may sound a little crazy to many of you because pain obviously hurts. No one likes pain and we just wish it would go away! Are you destined to have worsening pain for the rest of your life? Now there’s a disturbing thought!

What do we learn from pain

Well, for many the answer is going to be yes! Seeking relief without correcting the cause will inevitably allow things to deteriorate. So, on further examination, we should think a little deeper and ask ourselves what is our body telling us. If you do, you will realise that pain now can be your best friend. This can lead to making the right corrections that can save you from a life of pain in the future.

Always remember that pain is simply telling us that something is not right in your body. A sign you should do something about it before it becomes tomorrow’s deterioration, arthritis, ulcer, heart attack or cancer.

How many times have you been told there’s nothing they can do about back and neck pain, and what about headaches and fatigue? This is absolutely incorrect and your body is crying out for simple solutions.

Women in pain

Over the counter sales of pain killing medications such as aspirin, acetaminophen, non-steroidal anti-inflammatory drugs (NSAIDS) and many others run in the billions of dollars. Unfortunately, by taking them, you are falling into a trap. These quick fixes can make you feel better for a while. However, you are almost certainly setting the stage for more serious long term health problems further down the road. Pain is your signal that real change is required!

We have been trained to live with, hide or ignore pain and get on with things. We are told that “It’s unfortunate”, “part of aging”, “bad luck”!

Most of those poor people in their 60’s, 70’s and 80’s we see shuffling about, obviously in terrible discomfort with pain and arthritis, could have had a completely different life. Joints that go out of alignment simply wear out; that’s the number one cause right there. 

The most common debilitating condition in Singapore is spinal degeneration and most of it can be avoided. 

If we recognise misalignment early and correct it, it can literally save you from decades of gradual deterioration. Wouldn’t you want to know for sure where your symptoms originate and understand what your body is telling you? 

What change is your pain asking for?

First, however, we need to establish the real cause. It may be posture, the start of arthritis, loss of alignment, a repetitive strain type injury or the result of an accident. But, one thing is certain – there is a cause!

Pain is a symptom, just a message from the body.

Consider this: when we have a ‘temperature’, this is the body killing the infection. If this is happening and the body is trying to correct the problem, is it a good idea to bring the temperature down with a pill? Likewise, our back or neck pain is just the body trying to help us. It is telling us that something is wrong. Because our nervous system is protected inside the spine. You can be sure that it is going to tell us when we have a spinal problem. It expresses its urgency with pain.

A wonderful thing about our body is that it is a self-healing mechanism with multitudes of natural reflexes that continuously bring us back to a healthy equilibrium. This is  called ‘homeostasis’ . When the nervous system, which regulates everything, has some form of interference these mechanisms can be disturbed and we lose some ‘homeostatic control’ and move away from health.

So, next time you or a loved one experiences pain, don’t just cover it up.

Get to the cause with a spinal alignment and functional check-up at Total Health Chiropractic.

“After years of massages and popping pills I finally have my pain under control. My headaches all but disappeared and as long as I follow my chiropractor’s relatively simple advice, life is so much much more comfortable. Why wasn’t I told about this earlier?”     ~ Mr Lee

A visit to Total Health Chiropractic’s office can be an extremely enlightening experience. Clear explanations are always given because, after all, how can you look after something if you don’t know how it works.

At Total Health, we are committed to providing our patients with all the necessary information so that they fully understand the cause of any problem, and the necessary steps to regain a healthy pain free life.

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